Surreal Vision Ltd

I was the co-founder of Surreal Vision Ltd from 2014-2015 alongside my extraordinary co-founders Dr. Richard Newcombe (now at Meta) and Steven Lovegrove (now at Farm NG). Our goal was to provide super-human visual perception for VR & AR.


Facebook Acquisition

We were fortunate to be acquired by Facebook in 2015 and join the Oculus Research team in Redmond WA, where we kept pushing the boundaries of enabling real-time scene understanding on VR headsets. This was a very remarkable outcome for a very early startup as it was only 8 months old before acquisition. We never raised capital although we did win a UK government grant.

Fun fact: Our first customer was Meta, an early pioneer of AR headsets (now defunct). Little we knew Facebook would rename itself to Meta later on. It was certainly exhilarating to work with the original Meta company at their HQ in the heart of Silicon Valley and I remain thankful to their then CEO Meron Gribetz for the opportunity to foster our young startup.